Spoiler!!!! Dr. Strange Multiverse Of Madness Was Pretty Good and Bad at The Same Time

This week, Jared Reviews Dr. Strange Multiverse Of Madness as he discusses the good, the bad, and the meh. He discusses the great action and Sam Raimi horror elements, the wasting of the Illumenati, and the forcing of America Chavez. Now, this was not a horrible movie, by any means. It was not the best #MCU movie as well, but is was very enjoyable.
This was definitely a fun movie full of easter eggs for the hardcore Marvel fan, particularly the line-up of the Illuminati (HE WAS IN THE ILLUMINATI?).

DC Comics Is Rebooting Its Continuity (Rant)?!

This video, Jared discusses why DC needs to use their #DarkCrisis event to reboot the continuity. He outlines what needs to leave, what needs, to stay, and what DC editorial needs to do after the reboot to avoid a situation like we are in today.

Let’s face it, DC continuity is a mess and has been for many years and a hard reboot, at this point, is the better option. Wipe the slate clean and commit to the reboot (nothing stays like it did in the New 52). They also need to be able to say no to writers when they come up with really bad stories inconsistent with the characters, story, world, etc