Why DC Comics Needs A Reboot

This week, Jared and Nick discuss the “Flash And Substance” episode of Justice league Unlimited. This is the episode where the Flash fights the Rogues at the Flash museum, and BATMAN USES A GUN. When a group of Central City rogues unite to attack a museum opening in Flash’s honor, Batman and Orion come to his aid, but the stakes increase after an infatuated reporter gets caught up in the fight.

These Comic Book Tropes Need to Die! | UTC Podcast 184

This week, the Jared and the crew are joined by comic book writer/artist Tye the Art Guy to discuss tropes in the comic book medium that need to be put to rest, including constant death, shocking moments that are then undercut in the next issue, and more!

DC and Marvel Have Failed Their Female Characters | UTC Podcast 183

This week, the Jared and the crew discuss how the big two comic book companies have created an environment where their female characters suffer from poor writing and direction. They detail the factors that hamper the growth of these amazing titans and goddesses and what cane be done to fix the current creative predicament.

Q. And A. What Are We Reading | Comics League Dark

This week, the boys discuss the comics they are reading, the shows and movies they are watching, and other content they are enjoying in this chill stream! They also field questions from the audience.

The Women Who Made DC And Marvel? UTC Podcast 181

This week, the boys detail their favorite female characters from DC and Marvel Comics. They discuss the Justice League, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Squadron Supreme, and so much more to list out some of the best female characters to ever grace a comic book page! The group then descends into madness determining punishments for subscriber milestones.