The Batman Trilogy That Never Was! | UTC Podcast 219

Ben Affleck’s Batman quickly became one of the most iconic takes on the character in Batman’s history. But, he never got his own movie. This week, Jared and Teladia outline a possible Batfleck trilogy of films,

The Definitive Batman Origin Story / Batman Year 1 Discussion

This week, the boys discuss Batman Year 1! Following the origin story of Batman, a young Bruce Wayne and James Gordon move to Gotham City and quickly become acquainted with the violence and corruption of the city. Wayne transforms into Batman and begins his fight against crime and evil.

The Problem With WonderBat

This week, Jared outlines why he does NOT like WonderBat as a romantic pairing. He discuss her stories, character moments, and policies by DC editorial that make the romantic pairing of Wonder Woman and Batman an ineffective ship.

DCAU Batman Used A Gun/ “Flash And Substance” Discussion | Comics League Rewatch

This week, Jared and Nick discuss the “Flash And Substance” episode of Justice league Unlimited. This is the episode where the Flash fights the Rogues at the Flash museum, and BATMAN USES A GUN. When a group of Central City rogues unite to attack a museum opening in Flash’s honor, Batman and Orion come to his aid, but the stakes increase after an infatuated reporter gets caught up in the fight.

The Misconception Of Superman

Batman is often seen as popular because he is perceived to be the most relatable of the DC Superheroes, but shouldn’t Superman be seen as relatable?