Heres How To Fix Halo The Series

Let’s face it, Halo The Series was a disappointment. From the portrayal of Master Chief, Kwan, the lack of a Covenant threat, to many other points. Now the question is, how would you fix the series if you were in charge? Well, Jared has some suggestions in this week’s Halo Wednesdays. He outlines two main ways to reboot the show and make it better if the studio wants and elseworlds story or an in-continuity tale.

#MasterCheeks: What Did I Just Watch (Rant)?! | Halo Episode 8: Allegiance Review

This week, Jared rants about how bad episode 8 of the Halo series was. Like wow; Paramount Plus really did not look at the lore. Literally, no one acted in character this entire episode. This episode went from bad, to worse, to kinda cool (the spartan fight), to worse again. At this point, is cancelation still an option if Season 2 is like this?

Master Chief Learns The Truth | Halo Episode 6: Solace Review

This week, Jared begrudgingly reviews Halo Episode 7: Inheritance aka, the Kwan episode. We all knew it would happen eventually. He discusses the highs, the many lows, the most badass action moments, and the interesting Halo references made in the episodes redeeming action moments.
Let’s be clear. I still don’t think the show is terrible. It just needs more Chief, action, and a threat from the Covenant. It so far has lacked in those three points. It’s also needs less Kwan (she is dragging the show down). If the show can accomplish these four recommendations, Season 2 can be greatly aided (I do believe they will take respectful criticism to heart). So stay civil and respectful in the discourse around this show.

Master Chief Learns The Truth | Halo Episode 6: Solace Review

This week, Jared reviews Halo The Series Episode 6: Solace. He outlines the basic plot, key moments, easter eggs, and predicts where he thinks the series is heading. He even provides a special segment to discuss one particular easter egg from the series (it involves a laser).
This series is building to some pretty awesome stories and we will be here to provide positivity in the discourse surrounding this show.

#HaloTheSeries Is Good (Change My Mind)

This video, Jared argues that #HaloTheSeries, the series maligned by fans, is in fact, really good, and closer to the lore than one would think. He brings up the action, visuals, the characterizations of Master Chief, Halsey, Captain Keyes, etc and how these in fact create a compelling story. Also, Jared addresses how past beloved series such as #FowardUntoDawn featured little action until the end and then featured more action.
We hope we have at least inspired you to give the show another chance, as it has the potential to make Halo more mainstream, thus expanding the franchise.

What Is Your Favorite Halo Campaign?

This week, Jared outlines his favorite #Halo campaigns. He discusses Infinite, Reach, Halo 2, Halo 3, and many other campaigns. These are some of the stories that made Halo the staple of #Xbox gaming.
He also provides feedback and analysis on the current situation regarding #HaloInfinite multiplayer woes.

My Thoughts About #HaloTheSeries / What Are The Best Halo Books? (Halo Explained Episode 11)

In the special return episode of Halo Explained, Jared reviews the first two episodes of the Paramount Halo Tv Series and provides recommendations of which Halo novels are the best to understand the lore.
Halo has some of the most compelling lore, as well as it is the first property that Jared really got into and spent time learning. We hope you enjoy the return of this podcast.

Jared Got A Very Special Halo Infinite Collectible (Orbital Drop Shock Podcast Episode 10)

Jared got a very special Halo Infinite Collectible today! Additionally, he discusses the gorgeous art that went into designing the greatest Halo game of all time.
In this video, Jared discusses Brutes, the design of the Scorpion Tank, the MasterChief’s armor, and many other visual components of the Halo universe.
Also, he discusses how Halo Infinite improved the franchise and corrected the problematic course it was set on with Halo 5.