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Why The New 52 Was Awesome!

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Why The New 52 Was Awesome!

This week, Jared outlines why the New 52 is one of the best, if not the best era of DC comics. He discuss the stories, character moments, and effects on sales to argue that The New 52 should be used as a model for DC”s upcoming Absolute Line.

Discussed in this episode

1. How the New 52 updated DC’s characters for the modern day.

2. How The New 52 Was a new and exciting status quo.

3. How The New 52 modernized Golden Age Superman

4. How The New 52 created enduring new characters

5. How The New 52 let to a MASSIVE sales boost for DC, particularly for Superman

6. What DC’s Absolute Line/Ultimate Universe can learn from the New 52.


What do you think? Do you like The New 52? What was your favorite New 52 Comic? What can the Absolute Line learn from the new 52? Like, comment, and subscribe for more character analysis, discussions, and livestreams!


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