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Why Have DC And Marvel Movies Flopped? | UTC Podcast 203

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Why Have DC And Marvel Movies Flopped? | UTC Podcast 203

With DC and Marvel movies under performing at the box office, one could ask why these iconic character movies suddenly are not performing well?One excuse is Superhero fatigue, but how real is this phenomena? This week, Jared invites Brucifer from Kingdom Of Nerds to the show to discuss if this fabled Superhero fatigue is indeed real or fiction.


Discussed in this episode:

1. Brucifer’s history with Marvel and DC comics

2. If Superhero fatigue is real or if its just bad movie fatigue

3. The problems with Comic Book fandom

4. Why Superman is awesome

5. Why different takes on a character are ok


Superhero movies that are good can and do perform well, and the fatigue is, in reality, an excuse made up to excuse bad story telling!

What do you think? Does Superhero Fatigue exist? What else can explain the underperformance of the most recent comic book movies?

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