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Why Blackest Night Is Awesome!

Knights of Madalore

Orbital Drop Shock Podcast

Why Blackest Night Is Awesome!

This week, Jared and Jheat discuss the Blackest Night event from DC, aka DCeased before DCeased. The Black Lanterns of death have arrived, and no one is safe as the plague spreads throughout the galaxy, but is all hope lost? Blackest Night was the culmination of the entire Geoff Johns Green Lantern run, and demonstrates Johns’ ability to set up and pay off a massive space opera story. This story also features some of the coolest and most unique tie-ins to be in a DC event. What do you think? Did you enjoy Blackest Night? What was your favorite part? What Lantern Corp is your favorite? What ti-in is your favorite?


New Direction Video We Referenced:    • JUSTICE LEAGUE OF…  


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