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We Fixed The Flash (2023) Movie | UTC Podcast 199

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We Fixed The Flash (2023) Movie | UTC Podcast 199

The Flash movie, while flawed, had some amazing DC moments, but it was far from a perfect film. This week, the boys undertake the task of fixing the Flash movie to make it a fantastic film. They also further discuss the SellSnyderVerseToNetflix movement.


Discussed in this episode:

1. Why the original plot of Flash (2023) doesn’t work

2. Why Grant Gustin’s inclusion makes the film better

3. How the original Flashpoint story works the best for the movie’s plot.

4. Why the VFX for the Flash (2023) are unnacceptable

5. What are the chances of Netlfix licensing the SnyderVerse


The Flash movie is salvageable, with its deep cuts into DC lore and emotional beats. But the plot must be changed. What do you think?

How would you fix the Flash movie?

Would Grant Gustin’s inclusion make the movie better?

What would be your Flash film’s plot?

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