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Unexpected SuperWonder Crossovers | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 29

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Unexpected SuperWonder Crossovers | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 29

This week, Jared and Brit placing Superman and Wonder Woman and the SuperWonder pairing in franchises other than DC. The SuperWonder IP is ripe for crossover for other franchises from DC, Marvel, Image, and so much more! They take this pairing and try to war-game them into existing in other franchises and IP’s Franchises include Pokemon, Witchblade, Matrix, Halo, and so much more as Superman and Wonder Woman go from super soldiers to pokemon trainers.


Discussed in this episode

1. The JusticeLeague/Witchblade Crossover

2. How Superman and Wonder Woman could fit as soldiers in Halo!

3. What Pokemon Superman and Wonder Woman would train

4. How to place Superman and Wonder Woman in Attack On Titan

5. How Brit has not watched Star Wars

6. Fixing the Godzilla/King Kong VS Justice League Crossover

7. SuperWonder In Green Lantern


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