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The WORST Superman And Wonder Woman Book In The New 52 | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 33

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The WORST Superman And Wonder Woman Book In The New 52 | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 33

In this week’s packed episode, Jared and Brit analyze the much referenced an immensly unpopular Superman/Wonder Woman volumes 3-5 comic book from the New 52. Featuring the new all-star creative team of writer Peter J. Tomasi (BATMAN & ROBIN) and Doug Mahnke (JUSTICE LEAGUE)! It’s no surprise that after recent events, Superman and Wonder Woman are cautious about the appearance of the new hero who calls himself Wonderstar. Superman, deprived of most of his power and outed to the world as mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, is in trouble. Someone is targeting his human friends and hometown. Lana Lang has disappeared. The Kent family home has vanished. And graves have been desecrated within Smallville. WHO LIVES, WHO DIES … A “power couple” no more, Superman and Wonder Woman need each other more than ever if they’re to defeat the immortal despot Vandal Savage. By stealing the Man of Steel’s powers, Savage has realized his master plan to draw back to Earth the comet that gave him his power eons ago.

Discussed in this episode

1. The plot of Superman/Wonder Woman Volumes 3-5

2. The way Tomasi desecrates the foundation of The Charles Soule Superman/Wonder Woman book

3. How The Final Days Of Superman is a better plot than the Death Of Superman

4. How the later volumes were incompatible for the versions of Superman And Wonder Woman

5. How DC wasted a golden opportunity to adapt Superman/Wonder Woman Power Couple


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