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The SuperWonder Movie Universe | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 5

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The SuperWonder Movie Universe | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 5

This week, Jared and Brit create a cinematic universe based around SuperWonder, using the SnyderVerse as a base universe (because it is awesome). They adapt Man Of Steel, Wonder Woman, BVS, and more to forge together a movie universe that would be popular both in terms of fan reception and monetary gains for the studio! They then go into detail as to why the New 52 succeeded and Rebirth sputtered out from a sales standpoint. We hope you enjoy this packed episode! What do you think? What movies would you add? Do you agree with how we rewrote the SnyderVerse? What other SuperWonder stories would you adapt? What was preferable: New 52 or Rebirth? Like, comment, and subscribe for more SuperWonderful content that continues to strive for representation in media! Please consider joining this channel to get access to awesome perks:


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