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The Most 90's Comic/Battle Chasers Review | Indie Wednesday

Knights of Madalore

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The Most 90's Comic/Battle Chasers Review | Indie Wednesday

In this episode, Jared reviews Battle Chasers by Joe Madureira and Munier Sharieff! When a young woman’s father goes missing, she will team up with a Paladin, a Thief, a Wizard, and a War Golem to find him and bring him out of exile! Jared discusses Madurera’s killer art, epic world building, and amazing action scenes to paint a picture of this classic inde title! Joe Madureira and Munier Sharrieff have brought the world an amazing team book for fans of sword and sorcery, DND, Lord Of The Rings, and more! What do you think? Did you enjoy Battle Chasers? Who is your favorite character? What is your favorite part? Like, comment, and subscribe for more highlights of indie titles that often go unappreciated under the shadow of DC and Marvel. Join this channel to get access to perks:    / @comicsleague  


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