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The Batman Trilogy That Never Was! | UTC Podcast 219

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The Batman Trilogy That Never Was! | UTC Podcast 219

Ben Affleck’s Batman quickly became one of the most iconic takes on the character in Batman’s history. But, he never got his own movie. This week, Jared and Teladia outline a possible Batfleck trilogy of films, among other DC films that would reverse the current issues with DC films. Bruce Wayne, also known by his superhero vigilante alias the Batman, is a fictional character in the DC Extended Universe, based on the DC Comics character of the same name.


What do you think? Are you down for a Batfleck Trilogy? What movies would fix the DC cinematic universe?


Discussed in this episode: 1.Why Ben Affleck’s Batman Was Awesome 2. What Role The Bat-Family Play in The Batfleck Movies 3.How to End The DCEU 4. A Kingdom Come Movie


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