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Talking Comics With Javen Morris | Comics League Live Interview

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Talking Comics With Javen Morris | Comics League Live Interview

This week, Jared welcomes Javen Morris to the show to discuss his comic book projects, the comic book industry, and life as an indie creator Javen Morris found a knack for drawing early in life and took up the practice as a hobby which lead to a passion. But his place in the art world was a mystery until seeing the cover art for “Submariner” drawn by Michael Turner in his middle-school art class. Comics became his preferred format for visual stories from then on.


Discussed in this episode:

1. Javen’s history with comics

2. What inspires Javen to create

3. Javen’s comic projects and company

4. Javen’s favorite comic


Always a fun time to have another comic creator on the show to share their passion for the medium.


What do you think? Did you enjoy the interview? Will you be checking out his projects?


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