The Batman Trilogy That Never Was! | UTC Podcast 219

Ben Affleck’s Batman quickly became one of the most iconic takes on the character in Batman’s history. But, he never got his own movie. This week, Jared and Teladia outline a possible Batfleck trilogy of films,

The Problem With James Gunn’s DCU

This week, Jared outlines why he does not have much confidence for James Gunn’s DC Universe, particularly the Superman Suit. He discuss the previews, Gunn’s comments on social media, and the overall vibe of Superman’s Suit to indicate why Gunn may not be the savior of DC that some paint him to be.

Superman’s Greatest Moments | UTC Podcast 216

Superman is one of the most iconic superhero characters of all time, as his success paved the way for the rise of superheroes in the media! But what were the best moments in Superman’s history?