The Problem With WonderBat

This week, Jared outlines why he does NOT like WonderBat as a romantic pairing. He discuss her stories, character moments, and policies by DC editorial that make the romantic pairing of Wonder Woman and Batman an ineffective ship.

The Problem With The DCAU/ TimmVerse

This week, Jared outlines the specific issues he has with Bruce Timm’s DC Animated Universe. The DC Animated Universe is a shared universe centered on a group o

Episode 68: WonderBat V SuperWonder: Re-Dawn of Smallville


Finally, the boys debate on which couple makes sense: Wonder Woman and Superman or Wonder Woman and Batman. This is an age-old debate from across the DC fandom and in the podcast. Also, in honor of the Smallville announcement, they talk about the original Smallville show and provide suggestions on how to make a good CW show.