Episode 29: The DCEU/A Mix of Good and Bad

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In today’s character study, Jared discusses the Spider-Man villain turned anti-hero Venom. The Symbiot’s origin, lore, and media portrayal are examined as well as the Venom movie.

Episode 11: Justice League and Justice League Unlimited


In today’s episode, the boys discuss the groundbreaking Justice League and Justice League animated series. Also Jared and Ladd get into a heated debate over which couple is better: Superman/ Wonder Woman or Batman/Wonder Woman. Be sure to follow us on Instagram: undertwocapes2020 Youtube Channel: Comics League Network

Episode 9: DC Rocks the Multiverse


In this episode, the boys discuss the Flashpoint storyline that launched the New 52 era of DC comics and address the the tremendous opportunity DC has to overtake Marvel in both movies and comics. Apologies for the technical difficulties during this episode.

Episode 3: Superman and Wonder Woman

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Jared discusses the powers, storylines, romantic relationship, and more of the Kryptonian hero Kal El/Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman and the Amazonian Princess Diana a.k.a. Wonder Woman. Additionally, the Snyder Cut teaser is briefly examined.