Here’s How I Would Run DC

This week, Jared outlines how I would run the DCEU. Here, he detail which movies I would release post the Black Adam, Flash, and Aquaman: The List Kingdom. Discussed are Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 and 3, Wonder Woman 3, Man of Steel 2, Ben Afleck’s the batman, Trinity, World’s Finest, and so many other films. Jared concludes by aligning the comic book arm.

This was a really fun thought experiment to undertake as a massive DC fan. The DCEU’s best hope is to restore the SnyderVerse and finish Zack’s plan. A reboot would be a mistake as it would require recasting the actors, including those that are massively popular with their respective franchises (eg.g Gal Gadot and Jason Mamoa).

What do you think? How would you run the DCEU? What about the comics? What movies would you green light? What about streaming?