Episode 70: Black Widow Primer

Black Widow

This week, Jared and Tyler review Black Widow’s comic and MCU journey as they prep to see the movie. They provide story recommendations, review lists about the character’s best moments, and theories as to the plot and outcome of the movie.

Episode 69: X-Men First Class Discussion


This week, the boys welcome Jenna back to the show for an in-depth discussion of X-Men First Class movie and the X-Men in general Be on the lookout for our new X-men themed show starting soon on this channel.

Episode 68: WonderBat V SuperWonder: Re-Dawn of Smallville


Finally, the boys debate on which couple makes sense: Wonder Woman and Superman or Wonder Woman and Batman. This is an age-old debate from across the DC fandom and in the podcast. Also, in honor of the Smallville announcement, they talk about the original Smallville show and provide suggestions on how to make a good CW show.

Episode 67: Worst Superhero Movies


Ever see a really terrible superhero movie? We then, this is the episode for you. Jared, Mich, and Ladd discuss their opinions on the worst superhero movies and have a brief SuperWonder/WonderBat debate

Episode 64: Ultimate Captain America and Ultimate Superman


This week, Jared discusses Ultimate Captain America and Superman Earth 1 (basically Ultimate Superman). These are some of the best storylines for these characters in the case of true patriotism (in the case of Ultimate Cap) and otherism (in the case of Superman Earth 1).