Zaslav’s 10 Year DC Plan/ Prey Was Amazing!! UTC Podcast 130

This week, Jared reacts to the news of Zaslav’s 10 year plan for DC entertainment, the creation of DC studios and other news surrounding Zaslav’s plans for the DC Brand. Also, Jared reviews the recently released Prey movie (he really liked it!!).

This was such a fun episode to record. It is such a great time to be a DC fan since there is ample opportunity to speculate as to the future of the DC brand, arguably the best comic brand of all time. Additionally, it was refreshing to see a movie do something original with the Predator franchise.

Comment below your thoughts. What do you think Zaslav’s plan is? Do you think he could be going toward a reboot of the DCEU? Did you enjoy the Prey movie? What is your favorite Predator movie?