Keanu Reeves Make A Dope Comic Book! BRZRKR Review | Indie Wednesdays

This week, Jared reviews BRZRKR Volume 1 by Keanue Reeves, Matt Kindt, Ron Garney, and Bill Crabtree. This is one of the most action packed, high-energy books we have reviewed on the channel, no doubt thanks to Reeves’ experience playing action stars Neo and John Wick. This is a legend of an immortal warrior exploited sent by the government on secret missions to deal with threats brutally. Over the course of the journey, the origin of this specter is revealed going back to the early years of mankind.

Indie Wednesdays is shaping up to be one of the best series of the channel as we discuss these gems of the comic book medium. Keanue Reeves shines in his comic book writing debut along with stellar art! When it is released, Volume 2 will definitely be featured on the show.