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SuperWonder VS DC Editorial | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 19

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SuperWonder VS DC Editorial | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 19

This week, Jared and Brit discuss greatest battles that Superman and Wonder Woman have ever waged throughout their long and storied publication history! SuperWonder stands as a couple on and off the battlefield.

Discussed in this episode

1. The battles from Post-Crisis all the way to the modern day.

2. How Superman and Wonder Woman are the greatest allies in a fight and work as a couple based on the enemies they fight

3. How their combat history informs their relationship history

4. Why Superman and Wonder Woman matter as characters

5. Why one can learn a lot about Superman and Wonder Woman based on how they fight in battle

What do you think? Is Jon Kent irredeemable?

How would you save him? Like, comment, and subscribe for more content analyzing the romantic history of Superman and Wonder Woman


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