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SuperWonder In The Amalgam Universe, Anyone? | Indie Wednesday

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SuperWonder In The Amalgam Universe, Anyone? | Indie Wednesday

This week, Jared discusses the first issue of Amazon from Amalgam Comics, the comic where Amalgam combines Wonder Woman and Storm as Storm/Wonder Woman must contend with an angry Poseidon before he takes his vengeance on mankind! Ororo Monroe must content with the anger of the god of the sea as she slowly regains the memories of her past and her role in the world of the amazons and her sister Diana!

This channel has ranted many a time about how Marvel Vs DV had Storm defeat Wonder Woman in a battle, and this comic is the result of that match-up but in the best way possible.

What do you think? Were you a fan of Amalgam? Which was your favorite Amalgam book? What ideas for Amalgam do you have?

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