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SuperWonder In Animation: SuperWonder Legacy Episode 22

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SuperWonder In Animation: SuperWonder Legacy Episode 22

This week, Jared and Brit analyze the hystory of SuperWonder throughout DC’s legacy of Animation. DC legendary status has been solidified by the caliber of animated projects from Superfriends, to Ruby Sears Superman to the DCAU and DCAMU, to the Tomorrowverse


Discussed in this episode

1. The history of SuperWonder in Animated

2. Each animation project that features SuperWonder

3. Why DCAU butchered Wonder Woman

4. How the DCAMU could have been the killer app from shared universes.

5. What DC animation can do in the future to represent SuperWonder


What do you think? What is your favorite animated DC project? What SuperWonder animated movie would you want to see?

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