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SuperWonder Fans VS Toxic DC Fans | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 44

SuperWonder Fans VS Toxic DC Fans | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 44

In this week’s packed episode, Jared and Brit discuss what Superman, Wonder Woman, and SuperWonder men to them and expose the rampant toxicity within the DC fandom, particularly the Superman fanbase. From accusations of not reading Superman comics, to straight up racism, the DC fanbase is one of the most divided fanbases on the internet. DC Comics, Inc. is an American comic book publisher and the flagship unit of DC Entertainment, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery. DC is an initialism for “Detective Comics”, an American comic book series first published in 1937.


Discussed in this episode

1. What Superman Means To Jared And Brit

2. What Wonder Woman Means To Jared And Brit

3. What SuperWonder Means To Jared And Brit

4. Common Faulty Arguments Against SuperWonder

5. The Blatant Racism In The Superman Fanbase

What do you think? Do you like/hate SuperWonder? How do we counter the rampant toxicity and racism in the Superman fandom?

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