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Superman Vs Wonder Woman: League Of One | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 38

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Superman Vs Wonder Woman: League Of One | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 38

In this week’s packed episode, Jared and Brit analyze the beautifully painted Justice League: League Of One by Christopher Moeller! An ancient evil awakens, one so long forgotten by the modern world that even the Justice League of America is unprepared to meet it. When a prophecy foretells their deaths at the claws of the last dragon on Earth, Wonder Woman must tear apart the League she loves in order to save them. But will that be enough to thwart fate? A shipwrecked alien on the JLA Watchtower lands the Justice League in the middle of a generations-long war between two civilizations. But the motives of both sides are shrouded in secrets, and when the League attempts to learn the truth, they instead uncover a danger that threatens to unmake reality itself!


Discussed in this episode

1. The plot of Justice League League Of One

2. How Justice League League Of One is better than Tower Of Bable

3. How to fix the public image of Wonder Woman

4. The Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 2 SuperWonder Scene

5. The Incredible art of Justice League League Of One


What do you think? Did you enjoy Justice League League Of One? Did you enjoy Crisis On Infinite Earths?


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