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Superman Legacy Wishes It Were This Movie! / 200 Episodes Of UTC | UTC Podcast 200

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Superman Legacy Wishes It Were This Movie! / 200 Episodes Of UTC | UTC Podcast 200

Following the success of Tim Burton’s Batman 1989 movie, Warner Bros commissioned the Kevin Smith to write a new take on the Man Of Steel, directed by Tim Burton. Complete with giant spiders, polar bears, and more, this movie would have been a very interesting take on the Man of Steel. But this movie would never see the light of day as WB would can the movie after the bomb of batman and Robin. Join the Comics League crew as they do a deep dive into this film and if it would have been successful!


Discussed in this episode:

1. The plot of Superman Lives

2. Why it was canned

3. If this movie would have been successful

4. Celebrating 200 episodes of Under Two Capes

5. The plans for the podcast in 2024


Superman has certainly had a very fascinating history on film, and this story testifies to the monumental mess up that WB has been to the DC IP.

What do you think? Would you have seen Superman Lives? Would the movie have been successful? Should WB have canned the movie?

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