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Superman And Wonder Woman's Hardcore Children | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 25

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Superman And Wonder Woman's Hardcore Children | SuperWonder Legacy Episode 25

This week, Jared and Brit analyze the depiction of SuperWonder in the DC Universe of legendary writer Frank Miller, the man who defined Batman for generations and weaved a SuperWonder prominent universe that would serve as the bases behind the universe of Zack Snyder and others! This universe went from Dark Knight Returns all the way to Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child. While Frank Miller’s universe may have been controversial at times, has served as one of the coolest and most badass DC elseworlds in the multiverse

Discussed in this episode

1. The history of Frank Miller’s DC universe

2. How SuperWonder is depicted in each book in the Frank Miller DC Universe

3. The plot of each book that makes up Frank Miller’s DC Universe

4. What makes Frank Miller’s Jon more compelling than prime universe Jon

5. How Frank Miller nails the depictions of Superman and Wonder Woman




Start 0:01:19

Introduction to Frank Miller’s Universe 0:03:41

The Problem With Trinity And Gen S 0:19:02

Dark Knight Returns Discussion 0:30:01

Batman Year 1 Discussion 0:49:17

Dark Knight Strikes Again Discussion 1:05:24

All Star Batman And Robin Discussion 1:12:59

Dark Knight III The Master Race Discussion 1:31:10

Dark Knight Returns The Last Crusade Discussion 1:33:08

Dark Knights Returns The Golden Child Discussion 1:01:12

Future State Superman/Wonder Woman 1:48:41

Superman year 1 Discussion 1:56:03

Our Favorite Frank Miller DC Book 2:02:22

The Problem With The Super Twins 2:03:42

DC Sales Discussion 2:22:23

Wrap Up And Thank You


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