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Steve Trevor In The Comics Is Redundant And Annoying

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Steve Trevor In The Comics Is Redundant And Annoying


This week, Jared outlines why he thinks Steve Trevor is a redundant character who is an annoying character in the Wonder Woman world (To be clear, this is comics Steve Trevor, not Movie). He details why Steve is was better written post Crisis and has been irrevocably damaged in the New 52/Rebirth era. Comic book Steve Trevor is a character who needs a significant facelift in order to better fit in Wonder Woman’s world. This could be having him lead the Suicide Squad instead of Rick Flagg, or having him have his own comic separate from Wonder Woman. No matter what, DC needs to take away his near obsession with Wonder Woman as it hold his character back and damages him. What do you think? Is Steve Trevor a broken character? What did you think of the New 52 version of Steve? How would you fix the character?

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