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#RestoreTheSnyderVerse: Updates On The SnyderVerse

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#RestoreTheSnyderVerse: Updates On The SnyderVerse


This week, Jared provides an update on the state of the #snyderverse. He adresses the #zacksnyder Black Label rumor, the #henrycavillsuperman rumor, and a few others. Jared also adresses which of the rumor has the highest likelihood of being true in light of recent rumors not panning out. Remember, always remain positive, both on and offline. No attacking #warnerbrosdiscovery and non-Snyder fans. We need to show that the toxic fans are the minority, and we will. Remember the words of Bruce Wayne: I don’t care how many demons he’s fought in how many Hells. He’s never fought us….Not #usunited

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