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What Is A Real Fan?

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What Is A Real Fan?


This week, Jared provides some tough love to the portion of the fanbases that denigrate others simply for liking or disliking the SnyderVerse. He outlines how those that partake in this categorization are not true fans of DC as there is room for multiple versions of these DC characters. No matter what side of the SnyderVerse debate on falls on, all have a valid claim to be a DC fan. Even if one hates the SnyderVerse, it does not disqualify them from membership. Unfortunately, the internet does not encourage such consideration. So let’s be the change. What do you guys think? What makes a real DC fan? Are both sides of the SnyderVerse guilty of the polarization? Like, comment,and subscribe for more analysis on the SnyderVerse, anti-SnyderVerse, DC, Marvel, and MCU fandoms! #DC

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