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Making Star Wars Better | UTC Episode 197

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Making Star Wars Better | UTC Episode 197

Let’s face it, the Star Wars franchise has been on a downward trend under Disney since the Force Awakens (short of gems like Rogue 1 and Solo). The question remains, how would we fix the franchise if we were put in charge


The boys discuss in this episode:

1. What makes Star Wars special and our favorite Star Wars Movies

2. Where Disney went wrong with their management of Star Wars

3. Who is to blame (Kathleen Kennedy, Dave Filoni, etc.)


It is important to note that this whole discussion is done out of love for the Star Wars franchise, and we only want the franchise to be as healthy as possible. What do you think? Where did Star Wars go wrong? How would you fix Star Wars? Like, comment, and subscribe for more analysis of the Star Wars galaxy.


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