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DCAU's Superman Problem/ "Clash" Discussion | CL Rewatch

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DCAU's Superman Problem/ "Clash" Discussion | CL Rewatch

This week, Jared and Nick from The Phoenix Press discuss the Justice League Unlimited Episode “Clash.” This is the episode where Shazam/Captain Marvel comes into conflict with Superman and the Justice League when Lex Luthor suddenly turns over a new leaf. This is also the episode where Batman and Superman act wholly out of character over Batman’s acceptance of Luthor’s reform and Superman’s profound distrust of Lex Luthor

The League’s newest hero, optimistic Captain Marvel, ruffles Superman’s feathers when he sympathizes with Lex Luthor’s attempt to reform his image; the two heroes come to blows when Superman accuses Luthor of sabotaging his new housing development.

This episode features some incredible moments such as Shazam V Superman, funny humor, and it failes with its mischaracterization of Batman and Superman

What do you think? What did you think of this episode? Who was your favorite character? Who was your favorite voice actor from the show?

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