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DCAU Vs Image Comics / "Ultimatum" Discussion | CL Rewatch

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DCAU Vs Image Comics / "Ultimatum" Discussion | CL Rewatch

This week, Jared and Nick from the Phoenix Press discuss the Justice League Unlimited episode “Ultimatum” where the Justice League encounter the more edgy superheroes of the 90’s (basically the image comics characters) who also serve as analogues of the Superfriends cartooon characters! Will the League be able to save the young new heroes or will they all become victims to Amanda Waller? This episode features some great moments like the Image characters fighting the DC heroes and the first appearance of many iconic DC charactersa such as Amanda Waller and Maxwell Lord. What do you think? What did you think of this episode? Who was your favorite character? Who was your favorite voice actor from the show? Like, comment, and subscribe for more discussions of the Justice League animated series.

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