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DCAU Supergirl Kills Lizard People | Comics League Rewatch

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DCAU Supergirl Kills Lizard People | Comics League Rewatch

This week, Jared and Nick discuss the “Chaos At The Center Of The Earth” episode of Justice league Unlimited. This is the episode where the Justice League Fight Gamera and Supergirl kills people? Supergirl, Stargirl, STRIPE and Green Lantern discover a land beneath the Arctic inhabited by an ancient civilization fighting against the brutal forces of a wizard named Deimos, who intends to become ruler with help from Metallo and Silver Banshee.

This episode features some incredible moments such as Supergirl killing people in battle and the fight against Gemera.

What do you think? What did you think of this episode? Who was your favorite character? Who was your favorite voice actor from the show?

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