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DC Is Better Than Marvel (Change My Mind)

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Episode 6: Thor

In this week's episode, Jared enters the Marvel universe to discuss Tony Stark/Iron Man. Jared addresses storylines such as Civil...

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DC Is Better Than Marvel (Change My Mind)


In this video, Jared presents his arguments on why #DCComics surpasses #Marvel in terms of comics, movies, animation, characters, etc. He indicates why the Justice League are good examples of DC’s superior characters and stories. Additionally, he indicates why the #DCEU is better than the #MCU (hint, it has to do with the MCU style). It is undeniable that DC animation has always been superior to Marvel, as well as their storyline. All in all, this is just a subjective opinion, and if you all disagree, thats cool. Thats the purpose of civil debate.

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