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The Problem With Jon Kent: SuperWonder Legacy Episode 18

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The Problem With Jon Kent: SuperWonder Legacy Episode 18

This week, Jared and Brit discuss the character of Jon Kent and why this particular character is both redundant and contradicts DC lore by his very existence. They then indicate how Jon Kent’s sales reflect a dead character. Oh boy, this should be a good one!


Discussed in this episode

1. The history of Jon Kent as both Superby and Superman

2. How Jon’s creation contradicts DC lore pre and post reboot.

3. The sales flop that follow this character in BOTH Supersons series.

4. Creators trying to force Jon Kent to be a thing

5. Why this character only exists to give Lois Lane something to do


What do you think? Is Jon Kent irredeemable? How would you save him? Like, comment, and subscribe for more content analyzing the romantic history of Superman and Wonder Woman


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