Use The Puns, Nick! Star Wars The Old Republic Episode 2

This week, Jared welcomes Hanna to the show to discuss The Boys Season 3 and why the SnyderVerse is better than the MCU. They discuss what sets Zack Snyder’s movies apart from superhero movies, Why the MCU movies are the same thing over and over again, and why much of the criticism surrounding Snyder’s movies is disingenuous. Also, they outline their favorite SnyderVerse moments and the likelihood that the Verse will be restored.

It was a pleasure to have Hanna on the show and hear her opinions on the Superhero movie genre. We hope to have her back on the show real soon.

Begun, The Old Republic Has! With The Phoenix Press

This week, Jared begins a series of collaborations with Nick from The Phoenix Press as the boys begin their play through of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Check out our colorful commentary as well as our chaotic play styles. If you would like to see Nick’s perspective, check it out!

Nick’s perspective:…

This series is going to be very special as it is the first Comics League gaming video as well as one in which you can see multiple perspectives of the same gameplay. Enjoy.